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China Plastic Commodity sixty percent Taizhou Manufacturing

BEIJING, Taizhou September 21 (Reporter SOUTH -) plastic items in our daily lives can be said to be everywhere. But we may not know is that China Liu Cheng plastic items from Zhejiang Taizhou private, private manufacture. This afternoon, the 11th China Plastics Fair Organizing Committee and Taizhou City People's Government held a news conference, Taizhou City People's Government Deputy Secretary-General Chang Ge choose to reporters about the relevant circumstances attending the 11th China Plastics Fair.

According to Ge Chang election reports, since China's reform and opening up, Taizhou, with a flexible private mechanisms and "dare to take risks, there are hard gas, good creation, not play" Taizhou human spirit, create a "private-led the Canadian government to promote" as the main features of the "Taizhou phenomenon. " Taizhou regional economy as a pillar industry of the plastics industry, germinated in the 1950s, after half a century of development, has been formed from a plastic mold, plastic products, plastic machinery manufacturing to production, to trade in raw materials and product sales full plastic chain, has created a miracle in the history of China's plastics industry. Taizhou has been called the "Kingdom of plastic products in China."

Reporters learned that, at present, Taizhou total more than 10,000 plastics manufacturers, mold manufacturing enterprises more than 2,000, the total output of plastic items ranked first in the country, accounting for more than 60% of national output. In addition, household plastic products, disposable syringes, disposable infusion such as market share is also ranked first in the country, Taizhou production of electric bicycles major plastic parts also accounting for more than 80% market share. Taizhou, China has become an important production base of plastic products.

Relying on the traditional advantages of Taizhou plastics industry and commerce radiation, in 2001, began to organize Taizhou China Plastics Fair. After 10 years of development, China Plastics Fair has become a comprehensive display of China's plastics industry - a window, plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tool, "four in one" plastic chain to show the pattern of increasingly mature, China Plastics Industry in the first "four in one" industrial exhibition.

It is understood that the 11th China Plastics Fair time is 22 to 24 September, more than 500 domestic and overseas exhibitors.

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